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สหรัฐ ทดสอบอาวุธใหม่ ล่าสุด US is Testing the Lethal Rapid Dragon Bomb

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Published on 13 May 2022 / In อาวุธ & หน่วยรบ

Finally: US Testing Their New Deadliest Rapid Dragon Bombs

The U.S. Air Force has validated a key concept that will drastically boost the service's firepower in wartime. Rapid Dragon, an approach named after an 11th-century Chinese weapon system, involves loading cruise missiles on pallets. The system could eventually lead to transport planes launching bigger flying cargoes—including large attack drones.

The Air Force tested the Rapid Dragon concept earlier this month at Eglin Air Force Base in the western Florida Panhandle. The test involved loading a cruise missile flight-test vehicle and several dummy missiles aboard a pallet rigged with a parachute. Airdropping palletized cargoes is not new to the Air Force, which literally rolls them out the back of the plane via the cargo ramp. Once the pallet exits the plane, a parachute deploys, and the pallet floats gently to Earth.

Rapid Dragon is different from the standard pallet drop. As the pallet descends, it orients its missile cargo nose-down. The missiles fall out of their containers, pointing straight down. The descent allows the missiles' turbine engines to spin up, the wings to deploy, and the missile to proceed to the target.


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