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ทำไม?ชาวเกาหลี ไม่อยากให้ ลิซ่า Lisa ต่อสัญญากับ ค่าย YG?

Published on 27 Feb 2021 / In บันเทิง

Knet guessed that Lisa would not re-sign the contract with BLACKPINK, and anyone expected to be counterclaimed: “Since there are 4 people, it has been until now”
Whether Lisa will re-sign the contract with BLACKPINK or not is currently causing fierce controversy among the Korean online community.
BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, according to the standard contract of a Kpop artist, until 2023 they have to consider re-signing with YG Entertainment or giving each other their own paths. But recently, netizens on the Pann forum (Korea) have vehemently debated the possibility that Lisa will continue to accompany BLACKPINK
Knet argues about the possibility of Lisa re-signing the contract with BLACKPINK

It all started when someone thought that Lisa was famous all over the world. She used to rank 1 on the top trending Weibo (China), in her hometown of Thailand, her name was inherently popular. Recently, the youngest BLACKPINK was also invited to be a judge at the ANDAM Fashion Awards 2021 in France..
She was on the jury of the ANDAM Fashion Awards 2021, bringing together all the talented people of fashion.

But in Korea, Lisa’s popularity is not equal to the other 3 members. In the February 2021 female idol brand reputation chart , the Thai female idol ranked only 10th, while the rankings of Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo were # 1, # 2 and # 5, respectively. However, Lisa is still considered to have a successful and easily developed career in many countries, so they conclude that she has no reason to re-sign with BLACKPINK when the contract ends.
Lisa is not expected to re-sign with BLACKPINK because of her expanded solo potential

However, the majority of netizens disagree with this idea. They provide evidence that Lisa has repeatedly shown her desire to work in a long term with BLACKPINK. In an interview, the youngest BLACKPINK member once said that she was happy to do the job she liked, thereby agreeing with Rosé when the female idol shared that she wanted the group to accompany.
Lisa has repeatedly stated that she wants to accompany BLACKPINK for a long time

BLACKPINK also cannot lack any members. All 4 girls have an important role to play, thanks to everyone’s contributions, they have achieved great success like the present.

Some people think that going or staying is an internal matter, and outsiders have no right to judge. On the other hand, it is true that Lisa is famous and capable of soloing, but the value from the BLACKPINK brand is huge, making her career sustainable and keeping heat long. The group gets along with each other, so it is difficult for Lisa to pursue her own path.
BLACKPINK cannot lack anyone because thanks to the efforts of all 4, the group can go as far as the present

Knet commented:

– I’m not just saying this. BLACKPINK cannot lack Lisa. So do Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie. Without one of them, the atmosphere on stage would be very lacking. So there should be 4 people. No matter what the antifan says, since there are 4 members, the group can only go until now.

– Registering or not is up to the members, not outsiders.

– She’s famous for being the BLACKPINK Lisa.

– In the Netflix documentary there is a question asking what you will do 20 years from now, Lisa said she will still make a comeback? I don’t think this is about you, the members or the people involved.

– The problem is not the money but the experience with BLACKPINK, so I think I will keep signing.

– “Where do you want to go as BLACKPINK?”

Rosé: In the end. It’s been 2 years since I started working as BLACKPINK but I feel new every day. I wonder how far we can go, what more can we do. All 4 people love music and this job. We don’t know what the future holds, but we want to go together.

Lisa: I agree with Rosé. Every day I am happy and have no regrets. We are the ones who are happy to do what we love.
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