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The sport of bullfighting is hotly debated all over the world... Some people think it's ok... others think it is just cruelty... personally, I only like it when the bull gets the upper hand... and if you around on the internet, it happens more than you think.

One of my favorites is this video clip from Spain.. A young man who wants to run with the bulls can't run fast enough and gets a serious wedgy....

The video is nicely shot, but comes without the original announcer who might give us more info on the young man.

The bull wears the man's calvin Kleine as a souvenir... and if I were Calvin Klien, I would have turned this into an ad.

and if not Calvin Klien, then maybe the Chicago Bulls?

Now it's your turn. What you think about bullfighting. Are you for it, or against it?

Let me know why in the comment section below.

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