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Far From Civilization In Russia. Remote Taiga Village without roads and communication

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Far From Civilization In Russia. Remote Taiga Village without roads and communication

Today we arrived in the village - Ust-Anzas. This remote village is located in the Tashtagol region. The population is approximately 100 people.
ere the Shors live. This is the indigenous people of Russia. There are very few of them left and these people are threatened with complete extinction. In total, there are 13,000 Shors left on Earth. And most of them live on the territory of Mountain Shoria. Kemerovo region of Russia.

Not far from Ust Anzas there are such villages as: Ust Azas, Za-Mrasu, Chazy-Bug (up the river Mrasu); Far Kezek, Near Kezek, Cheley and the village of Parushka (down the Mrasu River). There are no roads to these villages, so many of them are already abandoned.

For a long time, taiga people lived without electricity, gas, communications and roads. And only in 2019, the authorities provided every house with solar panels. Now the locals have refrigerators and TVs in their homes. But still there is no cellular communication and the Internet. There is no school. In September, children are sent to a boarding school in Tashtagol. And they come to their parents only for the holidays. It was such a time that we found them in this amazing village.

Mountain Shoria (Shorsk. Taglyg Shor) is a mountain-taiga region located in the southern part of the Kemerovo region at the junction of Altai, Sayan and Kuznetsk Alatau. The region can conditionally be attributed to the Altai mountain system.

Mountain Shoria got its name from the indigenous people - the Shors.

We are interested in learning how our ancestors lived, to study their traditions and to master ancient crafts and meals.
Unusual Stove in Caucasian mountains Village. WINTER in Dagestan. Russia

We travel to different regions of Russia and show you how people live in Russian remote villages. Real Village, not embellished real life as it is. We will show you the usual village life and cuisine of different nations.

We are the ULENGOVS - Tatiana and Maxim. Welcome to our channel!

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