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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis - Highlights (Great FIGHT & KNOCKOUT)

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Published on 30 Dec 2019 / In มวยโลก

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November 27th, 2010. In possibly the best fight of 2010, the great Juan Manuel Marquez aka “Dinamita” makes the 2nd defenses of his WBA (Super) & WBO Lightweight Titles against the ever exciting challenger from Australia, Michael “The Great” Katsidis who earned his first world opportunity in the 10th year of his pro career.

Prefight records; Marquez, 51(37)-5-1, Katsidis 27(22)-2.

In February 2009, Marquez defeated “Baby Bull” Juan Diaz to bag the WBA (Super) & WBO Lightweight Titles via TKO9 in an explosive showdown named Fight of the Year by Ring Magazine and the BWAA. He successfully defended both titles via UD12 in a rematch against Diaz 5 months later.

For his 2nd defenses of both straps, he was up against the gutsy contender from Oceania.

Entering the bout, Katsidis had commendable wins over Jesús Chávez & Kevin Mitchell while Marquez in his long career had defeated notable oppositions in Serhii Fedchenko, Agapito Sanchez, Alfred Kotey, Joel Casamayor, Daniel Jimenez, Derrick Gainer, Rocky Juarez, Robbie Peden, Orlando Salido, Manuel Medina, Marco Antonio Barrera, Victor Polo & Juan Diaz (2x).

In the first 6 minutes, both fighters fought tactically with Katsidis moving forward and applying constant pressure while Marquez was on his back foot countering, working the body to great effect.

45 seconds into the 3rd, the champion was decked with a blindingly powerful left hook and later wobbled again but the ever resilient Mexican warrior showed amazing recuperative powers as always and retaliated upstairs and downstairs, exploiting loopholes in the challenger’s increasingly wider shots.

Round 3 was arguably the most competitive 3 minutes of the fight as well as one of the best rounds of 2015.

In the 4th, Marquez made a tactical adjustment by allowing the challenger to come closer to catch him in between shots with his renown variety of angles and dynamic shot selections. Katsidis on the other hand resumed moving forward but was mostly targeting the head while taking many pinpoint blows to the body.

The determined challenger would invest more downstairs in rounds 6 and 7 with more success although mostly with head shots, but continued to absorb lefts and rights to his body by the brilliant 37 year old pugilist from Mexico City.

Going into the 8th, the gutsy Australian swarmer was badly bruised around both eyes and fatigued due to the accumulation of consistent body punching by the champion in the previous 21 minutes of action, but he gamely pressed on his forward attacks and had some success during the first minute of 9th.

At the 1.10 mark, a thunderous right uppercut badly shook the battered Katsidis who had troubles seeing the incoming attacks of Marquez whilst severely exhausted from punishment taken downstairs round after round. Marquez’s killer instinct was ignited instantly, as he poured on his methodical and unflinching assaults in search for the finish.

With about 50 seconds to end the round, referee Kenny Bayless had seen enough as Michael Katsidis was unable to return fire and evidently more affected by the punches dispensed by the savvy 21 year veteran.

After the victory, Juan Manuel Marquez went 4(2)-2 between July 2011 and May 2014 before retiring with a final record of 56(40)-7-1.

Throughout his illustrious career that spanned across 3 different decades, he won world titles at Featherweight, Super Featherweight, Lightweight & Light Welterweight.

Among his many great triumphs, his glorious moment was achieved on November 12th 2002 where he scored a picture perfect KO over the legendary Manny Pacquiao in the 4th and final meeting in their legendary series of fights.

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