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Marcos Maidana vs Erik Morales - Highlights (Explosive FIGHT)

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Published on 26 Oct 2022 / In มวยโลก

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April 9th, 2011. In a fight billed as “Action Heroes”, the Great Erik Morales aka "El Terrible" at 34 years of age takes on 27 year old Marcos “El Chino” Maidana for the vacant interim WBA World Light Welterweight Title. Morales (past his prime now) is a 5.5-1 betting underdog.

At this point, Maidana is ranked No. 1 by the WBA while Morales is ranked No. 5 by the same publication.

Prefight records; Maidana 29(27)-2, Morales 51(35)-6.

Maidana has a 7 year age advantage going into the bout had notable wins over Jesus Soto Karass, DeMarcus Corley & Victor Ortiz.

On the other hand, the legendary Morales in his 18th year as a pro had beaten a long list of top oppositions such as Paulie Ayala, Jesús Chávez, In-Jin Chi, José Alfaro, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Remigio Daniel Molina, Wayne McCullough, Jose Luis Bueno, Daniel Zaragoza, Kevin Kelley, Junior Jones, Marco Antonio Barrera, Manny Pacquiao & Guty Espadas Jr (2x).

As Morales was well past his best at this juncture, many did not expect the fight to go the distance and Morales would enjoy nothing more than a few good moments. However, Morales defied his critics and prove he has something left in him on this very night.

In the first 6 minutes, Maidana dominates the action and by the end of the 2nd round Morales' right eye is grotesquely swollen. It seems that a stoppage was imminent at this point for the Mexican warrior.

But Morales, once again proves himself to be a true warrior comes back strong with only one good eye; trading shots with his younger opponent and went the distance in what was a most unexpected slugfest.

After 36 grueling minutes, Maidana won via MD with scores of 114-114 & 116-112 (2x).

HBO's Harold Lederman and ESPN's Dan Rafael both scored it 114-114.

While Morales came back strong mid way through the fight, but Maidana managed to rack up enough early rounds in the bank to earn him the victory against the tough, weathered veteran.

"He may have won a close fight but it wasn't a clean win for him, I thought I landed the better punches. I thought I won. I know I still had speed and velocity, but more importantly I had heart."
- Erik Morales

"This was my toughest fight yet, but I knew it would be difficult so I trained hard and was prepared. The fight was close but I came on strong in the end and feel I won the fight."
- Marcos Maidana

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