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Saenchai Gets Too Friendly To MuayThai Girl. Friends Get Mad.

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Published on 01 Sep 2020 / In กีฬา ทุกประเภท

Saenchai is not only one of the most entertaining Muay Thai fighters to ever watch, but he's also one of the most skilled of all time. Contrary to fellow living legend Buakaw; Saenchai is illusive, playful, a mix of aggression and simple straight up fun. He's earned his status at the top finessing giants, men much bigger than him, not always looking to harm his opponents but more so put on a good show through virtue of his skill difference. That's how good Saenchai is. He can fool around and still win in dominant fashion. Many say Saenchai is the greatest, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. of Muay Thai, but beyond that, the man is a kindred spirit who has a genuine enthusiasm for Muay Thai. In this segment we'll be looking at a moment where he got a little too enthusiastic hugging a skilled striking lioness. The fighters observing got a little more than annoyed doing so... Why? What happened? Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.

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