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Scottish strongman Andy Cairney wins the Donald Dinnie Games 2019 Ardblair Stones Challenge

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Scottish strongman Andy Cairney from Glasgow, Scotland, wins the Ardblair Stones Challenge during the Donald Dinnie Games held at Potarch Bridge, Ballogie Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, August 2019.

The Ardblair Stones are nine reinforced concrete spheres ranging in weight from 18-152kg (40 - 335lbs). The stones must be lifted sequentially from lightest to heaviest onto whisky barrels, which are 132cm/52 inches high.

The other strongman competitors in this challenge, in order, were Lewis McLuckie (Scotland), Matt Jones (England) Neil Elliott (Scotland), Dean Kent (England) then Andrew (Andy) Cairney (Scotland), Sean Peatfield (Scotland) Mark Haydock (England) and finally Jamie Gorrian (Scotland).

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