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Tigers And Lions Showing Off Their Savage Skills

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Tigers are bigger than lions, but which is more terrifying? Are lions better hunters because they hunt in pride, or is the tiger so powerful, it doesn’t need friends to make a kill? Have you ever seen a lion fight a tiger? If you’re curious and you want to see two of the most powerful predators on the planet in action, keep watching, as we look at tigers and lions showing off their savage skills.

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Tiger VS Buffalo

A tiger sees a white cow and targets it. The chase is on and the cow, sensing the danger takes off with the tiger running right behind it. The tiger eventually catches up to the cow and takes it down. You can see different tigers take down cows without too much difficulty in the following clips. As it kills this adult gaur, this tiger claims another life. Gaurs are the world's largest bovine, and it doesn't happen very often. Rather than bringing the female gaur down, the tiger controls her neck with his powerful forelimbs and clamps his vice-like jaws around her throat. The tiger's strong jaw muscles force his four three-inch dagger-like fangs solidly into her throat.

His predatory prowess makes the heinous crime seem almost peaceful. Tigers are dangerous predators. It took only a few seconds for this huge male tiger known as Raja to kill this water buffalo in front of these tourists. It's quite frightening how quickly it dispatched the water buffalo. Only hick was the other buffalo's complicated matters by attacking the tiger. The tiger left the dead buffalo to chase the other buffalos, which all ended up ganging up on the tiger. This left the tiger no other choice but to abandon the carcass of the dead buffalo. Perhaps he would go back later, that is if the carrion had not been devouring d by scavengers.

Tiger VS Wild Boar

Tigers will hunt wild boar if they have to, but the wild boar is not easy prey to capture, so if there is something more appealing on the menu, tigers will avoid hunting wild boar. Nonetheless, the tiger is such a powerful hunter that no matter what animal it targets in the wild, it’s almost a sure kill and you can see for yourself in this video that this wild boar didn’t last long. This young tiger jumps out of the water to attack this huge male wild boar. The tiger is inexperienced, nervous, and indecisive, but gets the job done. The only problem is it doesn’t kill the boar and begins chewing on its back while the boar is still alive.

On a cool, pleasant morning, a mother elected to leave her cubs in the shade and go in search of food. After finding a couple of boars busily eating near the water, she crept in from behind some tall grass. She went for the boar that was nearest to her. Sadly, the wind was blowing in the boar's direction, and he quickly spotted her and escaped. She returned out of nowhere and immediately went for the kill. It was a different boar this time, and the poor creature had no idea he was about to be thrashed so cruelly.

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